he said. hi mammmaaa




I look forward to getting back at home almost as soon as I leave…to come back to this.

I reached back yesterday just when Kabir had gotten out of his evening bath, smelling lovely, his hair nicely combed and sitting flat in his head for a change!

In just a few days that lovely mop of golden hair will be all gone:(

A ceremony called mundan we Hindu’s believe and follow. Usually performed in the first or third year of a child’s birth.

It is done in the belief that it purifies the child. Rids him of his past life negativity, protects the child from the evil eye, cleanses the child’s body and soul. And of course a more cosmetic reason of it improving hair growth.

I have had it, my siblings have had it, Sapan has had it and now it’s Kabir’s turn to go all bald!

For the next few days, I will go a little overboard I am sure trying to capture his lovely lovely golden locks in pictures for posterity.

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