in pictures. a sunny naughty afternoon.


IMG_4182 IMG_4183 IMG_4185 IMG_4187 IMG_4194 IMG_4195 IMG_4200 IMG_4203 IMG_4206 IMG_4208

IMG_4210 IMG_4212 IMG_4215 IMG_4222 IMG_4224

A day before he got all bald. Me more obsessed than usual about his hair. Loving the light bouncing off his golden locks in the Delhi sun. Accompanied by that naughty smile. He’s a heart breaker all right!

Taking great delight in pushing around the chair from one room to the other. And then climbing on up and sitting on it. Pushing…sitting…pushing again. Finally getting enough and moving on  to his Old mc Donald…(still “Olla Tolla” for him :D)) puzzle. So much fun listening to him put it together…”Now …cow time!”…”Now horsey time!!!”…”Sheep ban gaya!!!”…”Clap..clap ..clap!”

And then finally telling me to put down the camera and just pick him up……”Mammma…huggggiiiieeee”


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