in pictures. in the park.

Precious moments spent with Kabir and Kalyani at the park. Fighting over a ball. Getting jealous if one gets more of my attention than the other. If Kabir comes sits on my lap, Kalyani has to as well! 🙂 Giggling away on the old and rusty merry-go-round, which made a funny noise every time it bumped over a rock. Having ice-cream and loving it. Kabir calling the tall trees “Rocket…’s going….to outerspace! ❤ Monkeying around and just so happy to have me around.

One of the best moments of the evening was when Kalyani came running back to Kabir from the other end of the park, when she saw another girl coming up to talk to him. “Kaaaaaaabir….Kaaaabbbirr…..”…”My best friend….he’s my friend”. Clearly trying to shoo away the new girl in Kabir’s life!!!:D

Absolutely adorable. ❤

IMG_4752 IMG_4760 IMG_4762 IMG_4764 IMG_4767 IMG_4778

IMG_4774 IMG_4781 IMG_4785 IMG_4788

IMG_4790 IMG_4793 IMG_4798 IMG_4817 IMG_4825 IMG_4827

IMG_4836 IMG_4838

On Kabir

shirt: H&M

shorts: UCB

sandals: Zara Home

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