in pictures. nemo and nap.

Till only sometime back, Kabir had no patience for movies. Was way too restless and preferred his I-pad over sitting in front of the TV, where he was much more in control. Swiping away to new videos every other minute.  But now he’s all grown up (way too fast really!!!). Made him, watch “Finding Nemo” recently and he loves it…and how!!! He wants to see “Dory” all the time. She being his favorite…taking precedence over lil Nemo. The first thing after he wakes up and the last thing before he sleeps. He simply adores her. “Daaaddyyy…thodha sa Dory dekhna hai!!!!“.

Makes me smile for more reason than one. Not too long back when Sapan and I had begun our conversations over facebook and skype and gtalk. (seems like years now though!!!) He in Bangalore and me in Milan. He had started calling me “Dory” …cos I just didn’t remember. Well I don’t…remember names of songs in particular or movies or actors or even names of people. He did and does. I remember other things more vividly…moments, memories…what someone said and when….

So Kabir does have his own Dory right at home 😉


IMG_4922IMG_4925 IMG_4926 IMG_4927 IMG_4928 IMG_4929 IMG_4931

Finding Dory ❤


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