a lil note. monday blues.

"I really need a day between Saturday and Sunday." I mean REALLY though. #quote

via Pinterest

Today feels like this. Wouldn’t it be perfect if we could add that extra day in the middle. Or maybe not. It’s never enough is it. Monday’s will still feel like Mondays no matter what. Even though Kabir hasn’t started on a daily routine of work or even school. He hates Monday mornings as much. After having us to himself all day 24×7 over the weekend, he detests saying his goodbyes on Monday mornings. He tries his hardest to not let me get ready. From pleading, getting angry at me for mentioning the dreaded word “office” to getting plain sad…”no…no office…” …”Hugggieee”…”I want hugggiiieee…”

Finally, the I-pad or “Dory” comes to the rescue, keeping him busy long enough to forget and me to sneak out after a hurried kiss goodbye.


One of his old pix, pretty much sums up the Monday morning mood perfectly.

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