on the road. holiday in the hills.

Shimla. A place which used to be our summer holiday destination for years. All through school, the 2 month long summer break would mean at least a month or so spent in my aunt’s beautiful home in the hills. Of course we got tired of it. Same place year in and year out. But then now after I went back there after almost 8 years, in April this year. It brought back nothing but the fondest of memories. And to be able to share that with my husband and son. Absolutely priceless. Now my husband gets my constant blabber about how beautiful the house is 😀

The house is really amazing- The Stirling Castle, Longwood, Shimla. It has a history which goes back years. One of the oldest houses in Shimla built in 1835 or thereabout. It’s original environs are still in tact. It was the residence of renowned Britishers.In early twentieth century, it became property of Maharaja of Gawalior and then of Maharaja of Nabha. In 1963, it was sold by Nabha to The Save The Children Fund to run here a home for Tibetan Refugee Children. The present owners purchased it in 1970 from The Save The Children Fund after FUND’S affairs in INDIA were wound up. The house is on the top of the Elysium Hill and commands a view (360 degrees)of Shimla town and hills.

I have had a lot of firsts here in this house and in Shimla 🙂 Happy that now Kabir is too! His first time on a horse, which he absolutely loved! Would have just stayed on it riding forever if given the choice! And first time he fell and and got his first cut on the knee…something that just has to happen eventually to every active kid.

Besides having a great time running around the wooden floors and staircase. Playing with the very lovely “Sniffy”, a gorgeous golden retriever. Kicking the ball around early morning in the garden on the hill top. Having picnics, soaking in the sun. Driving around the hills, breathing in the fresh mountain air. And just happy to have his mamma and daddy with him 24×7. So much that every time we’d ask him ” You want to go back to Delhi…to naani?”..“NO!nahin jaana…”. And we did, ended up extending a day more than we planned, with no regrets.

Till the next such vacation and to many more such memories.

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