a lil note. travel- Sweden.

Home sweet home. Nothing feels as good as being home with my boys. After 2 long weeks away, one working and another holidaying, felt so good to be back. But then the wonderful time I had in the last 5 days, more than made up for being away from them 🙂

I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to see parts of Sweden I would otherwise never have, had my manager also not been my very good friend! And had she not introduced me to some of her friends, who are now also mine :)))There’s nothing like seeing a city from the eyes of one living there. It’s never as much fun just being a tourist. It’s totally another experience, spending a day as a regular Swede in Stockholm would. Partying Friday night in the most amazing party in the forest, making new friends, learning what “Grog” is 😛 Talking to some random people and then realizing that you have common friends!!! Having an adventure getting back home trying to figure the local transport!Buying groceries at the local super market and making lunch. Getting dressed as Frida for a friend’s friend 30th birthday party!!! Walking in the rain, freezing but not forgetting to click selfies!!!

And then in part deux, seeing some beautiful parts of Sweden, beyond Stockholm. Strängnäs, Uppsala and then the country side. All the places unique in their own way and beautiful. Strängnäs, small quaint town by the lake side. Uppsala, a town which is home to the Uppsala University , founded in 1477, it is the oldest center of higher education in Scandinavia. And because of it, the one that felt the most cosmopolitan to me. And then the gorgeous country side around Almunge, with clear blue skies and a calm serenity. Also, the perfect day for me! My last day in Sweden where I experienced the swedish summer in the true sense for the first time! So beautiful were the surroundings that when I sent pictures to a friend from there, he replied with a …”Where are you?! Heaven!!!” 🙂

Well, almost. For those of you who have been following me on instagram, you would have seen some of the glimpses of the past few days already. For others will post more pictures of my wonderful adventure lugging suitcases around the beautiful towns of Sweden and loving every minute! Sun or not 😉



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