In pictures. A lovely Sunday morning.

The joy of spending quality time together as a family on a Sunday morning! Was a field day for lil Kabir. Starting with the park. Playing in the mud, collecting sticks, trying to climb trees but really just hugging them! Acting like the new gardener of the park, trying very hard to water the plants with a piece of pipe πŸ˜› Then doing boating in the lake. “So much water!!!” Loving his mommy sprinkling his face with water from the lake. Not happy with just one ride and demanding “Want more…more boating” “Kabu do more boating”!!! He is starting to talk so much more and make long sentences. Its so cute!

And then the ice-cream! Kabu wants purple…making an absolute mess with the ice-cream dripping all over. But he was in no rush, wanting to take his own sweet time to eat. And for some reason, not wanting to bite into the cone, so digging his face into it to eat! πŸ˜€ And then again when is one ever enough…”Kabu wants pink!!”…and then changing his mind for green!

Finally sleeping off on the ride back home. Exhausted and happy! ❀

IMG_1711IMG_170310384857_10152130813110936_422622128941497435_n 10457172_10152130812890936_6439679214324624194_n 10458852_10152130812850936_8850916404120733633_n 10523744_10152130812940936_4575408114508333109_n 10527320_10152130813220936_4765706658740808511_nΒ  10357448_10152130813295936_4187783196730763557_n

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