in pictures. ready for school.

Every morning after both me and Sapan get ready and leave for work, Kabir gets ready for school. I try and leave his clothes out at night to wear the next day. But then I never get to see him in them. So decided to set and leave the camera with Helena(Kabir’s nanny and my lifeline!) to click a few pictures of Kabir, all ready and set for school 🙂

I feel lucky in so many ways to be a working mom. I have a creative outlet, travel, meet all types of different people and then I get to come home to a smiling face and so much love. But then there are those moments when I wonder if I am missing out on little bits of his growing up. And then again, a working me is a more fulfilled and happier me. Which makes me a happier and fulfilled mother to Kabir. I guess the little moments of self doubt and of missing out will come and go. But as long as I keep coming up with ways to make up, be there for him when he needs me, not have him feel left out, and just somehow make it work. I’ll always choose to be a working mother.

IMG_5644 IMG_5647 IMG_5648 IMG_5649 IMG_5654

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