a lil note. besties.

So we have this little tradition in India where once a child is born, someone close to the family, makes the baby taste some honey. Well not everywhere in India, but in certain communities, mine being one. So once mom got to Bangalore the day after Kabir was born, she kept reminding us we should do it. So we got our close friend, Jayanth to do the honors. Now its said that a certain bond is formed between the two and the baby tends to take on the person’s traits. Good and bad. So you have to choose wisely! 🙂

Now I don’t know whether it was the honey or not. But a special bond they already share. Kabir adores him. The smile Jayanth gets after he sees him after a while is just reserved for him! He calls him “maamu”, maternal uncle in hindi. So Kabir has two official “maamu’s” 🙂

Every night when a much younger Kabir kept me up till the wee hours of the morning, not crying, just playful and refusing to sleep. I would blame Jayanth for passing on his nocturnal nature on to Kabir! Time’s going to tell how many more he’s going to take on! 🙂

For now, it’s lovely seeing the two together. The picture is from the weekend, when Jayanth was over home. Kabir was very proudly making sand pizza and ice-cream and feeding him! 🙂 And yea..unknowingly coordinated!


2 thoughts on “a lil note. besties.

  1. How incredibly sweet is that!! Thank you so much!
    I just hope Kabu doesn’t pick up all my traits though 😉


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