in pictures. bubbletime.

One of his favorite part of the day. Lying immersed in a tub full of bubbles! Happily exclaiming…”it’s bubble time!!!”

So much so, that it becomes a struggle to get him out each time. “More..more”…”More bubble!!”. It never being enough. Often leading to a full blown tantrum complete with kicking and screaming. How do you deal with your toddlers tantrums? Kabir is “touchwood”  pretty well behaved…as much as you can expect a 2.4 year old to be! But then there are times when the tantrums strike and then all peace is disrupted. At that time there is no reasoning with him. He just wants it his way.  On the other hand, he is beginning to understand emotions better, realizing himself when mamma is angry or upset with him…”Sorry mamma…it’s ok mamma…”. Making me then feel all guilty 😦 I mean if something is making him happy by his logic he just wants to keep doing it. Wouldn’t you?

IMG_5740 IMG_5828 IMG_5836 IMG_5837 IMG_5853 IMG_5862IMG_5863 IMG_5864


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