in pictures. before bedtime.

The time before bedtime is precious. Its the time I spend with Kabir reading to him, watching him run around his room pulling out toys, running to the other bedroom looking for daddy, clearing avoiding bedtime. Till the time he figures now I’m really tired and comes to me and says…”Mammma…neeni ….” or announces”…’s sleeepy time!!!” Hunting then for his precious “bow-bow” and “moo”…The stuffed dog and cow, without who he can’t fall asleep. Holding on them dearly, one in each hand.

We have a routine after that too. He has to lie on my lap for a while before he’s ok to be put on his bed. Together we listen to the carrousel chiming the love story theme track, with me singing along. Then I have to sing “Old mac Donald”….no he’s still not over it or the least bit bored of it. Only sometimes “Old mac Donald” is replaced by lakdi ki kathi. His favorite part being “tak-bak tak-bak” 😀 And then I end with singing the Gāyatrī Mantra to him till he slowly drifts into never-neverland. Have been singing the gayatri mantra to him since he was a small baby. Its special also because I remember that as the first thing my grand mom taught me and used to make to say it aloud to people, feeling proud! 🙂 Like I feel now, when Kabir in his baby voice finishes the last word of each verse of the highly revered mantra.

IMG_5887 IMG_5889 IMG_5890 IMG_5891 IMG_5893 IMG_5894 IMG_5896 IMG_5905 IMG_5909 IMG_5912 IMG_5916 IMG_5917 IMG_5919 IMG_5922 IMG_5927

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