A lil note. It’s been a while.

It’s been a while since I visited this space of mine. Work, lots of travel topped with a bit of laziness. Had some amazing vacations with Sapan and Kabir. The hills and the beach! A lot of travel alone for work, including spending my birthday away from my boys in Stockholm. My favorite festival Diwali came and went too. A good time as always but not the same with Sapan sick in bed with fever.

So much happened and so many experience in these few months that it’s hard now to put it in a few words. So Im goign to try and put down highlight like I would in an official mail I’d write at work!

1) I had the biggest aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww moment when I cam ehome one day to find Kabir playing in teh sand-pit. See’s me and get excited as usual…”Mammmmaaaa!!!” Hug and kiss and then “Lets god home now” . Sit sdown to put his shoes on, hears me cough and says…”  Maamaa ..you are coughing!” “Yes sweetheart, Mamma has a cough…” “Did you take medicine?!”

My heart just melted! When did he become so big!

2) A Piscean and a fish in the truest sense! His happiness in the sea in Goa was just so contagious. And his fearlessness of it, completely scary! He wanted to just run into the waves, trying so hard to make us let go of his hand. A very very memorable trip to Goa, Kabir’s first and my second.

3) Diwali was full of mixed feelings for him, with the loud noises scaring him. But the light and rockets and the non noisy crackers getting him all excited.” Mamma look the rocket is going into outer space!”

4) I was in and out of home for almost an entire month. But my lil baby was so brave and understanding. Missing me terribly as I was him, but being such a big boy about it. And facetime did make things a bit more bearable. Talking and catching up on the go. Sharing stories and laughing along. Times I even sang to him while he tried to sleep over the phone…”Mamma…I want old mc donald…”

5) Coming back after each trip and seeing Kabir’s face when he comes to our room and sees both mamma and daddy on the bed!!! That look…that love…absolute and unadulterated joy// ❤ ❤ ❤ And then the joy of seeing his eyes roll with wonder after I pull out his presents. “Wow!! Mamma….that beautiful!!!” …”Yayy…guitar…” and then the endless strumming with eyes closed and totally feeling the music.

6) He had his first Halloween dress up for school. He was our lil rocket ship!!! And how he loved it….screaming away…” Bllaaaaaasssst offf into ouuttter spaaccee!!!” From the minute he saw mommy and daddy sprawled over paper, cutting an sticking, he couldn’t hold his excitement!

Here’s to being less lazy and saving more memories….



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