a lil note

The Christmas spirit is taking over slowly. The Christmas  tree all set up at home with Kabir’s help. He trying very hard to convince me to open the tiny presents.

Not very convinced when I tell him they are only to decorate the tree!

Secret Santa being played in the office. The excitement of not knowing, who is giving you the lil piece of surprise every morning!

It’s a lovely time of the year and I hope to make the most of it. Now the tree is set, time to do some bit of baking, buying and gifting loved ones and just spreading the joy, any which way!

The campaigns doing the rounds by various brands highlighting this lovely time and spirit are a joy to see too!

Sharing a few I saw and loved:)



in pictures. Delhi and Kabir’s first train ride…

Impromptu plans are the best plans. They can be messy. last minute, a bit hectic but in the end always the most memorable. I was in Delhi for work (yet again!) with no complaints whatsoever this time. And why would I. I love Delhi this time of the year, with  the winter just setting in. The air filled with smells that only Delhi has this time of the year. Delhi winters…ah! Even without the snow, there’s something magical about it.

Kabir did make the most of it. Late afternoons in the park, hopping from one swing to the other. Evening strolls enjoying the nip in the air. A week well spent.

Also, getting pampered by his mamu who he might not be seeing in a long time now. With mamu moving to Luxembourg soon…

The week away  was to end on Sunday but the last minute planning extended it by another two days. For a friend’s weeding. A lot of painful phone calls postponing my ticket and Kabir’s. Booking train tickets. Coordinating with friends, family across states. But it finally fell in place. And we left for Jaipur early Monday morning by train. Kabir’s first.

He was transfixed to the window for a while after we took off. “Mamma…look look…it’s a cow…it’s a goat…more cows…” ..”Mamma..it’s a red tractor!!!” 🙂

But after a while the magic wore off and he wanted to go back to his Peppa… 😀

A short and sweet ride complete with a nap. He was ready for Jaipur and the wedding action that followed! Meeting new uncles and aunties and charming all as usual…

IMG_4126IMG_4130 IMG_4131 IMG_4133 IMG_4134

IMG_4135 IMG_4139