A lil note. Happy New Year!!!

A lovely end to an exciting year. I know the feeling that “the year went by too quickly” is something we feel every year, but this year truly…the year just whooooshed past!

A lot happened now that I look back. The highlights!!

1. Sapan and I managed to coincide our work trips together so we could be in London for a few days together. Our first trip out without Kabir. As guilty as we felt, it was wonderful nonetheless!

2. My little brother got married!!! All the fun(and stress) of putting clothes together. Can’t thank you enough Ma!!! Practicing for the choreographed dance numbers. And then dancing some more. Having all close friends and family together. The few days packed with so much action and fun.

3. Kabir’s second birthday at a farm house. Old Mac Donald was a favorite then and still is! Wheel son the bus comes a close second.

4. We went to Shimla together for the first time. A lovely and memorable trip in the hills reliving old childhood memories.

5. Kabir had his mundan done and we bid adieu to his lovely curly locks. Luckily though they decided to stay on…now that the is full again. The soft curls are back 🙂

6. Kabir started going to playschool! Bid adieu to his diapies and became the big boy who wears underwear! 😛 They ofcourse have either cars or smurf or dnos or monsters on them! he hasn’t become that big! Thank God 🙂

7.The annual trip to Sapan’s hometown. This time managed a days trip also to Darjeeling. A short and sweet trip again. Walking in the rain with umbellelllas!! Kabir thoroughly enjoying the horse rides and even more chasing the poor pigeons on the mall!

8.Its so wonderful when work combines with play! A few days off after work in Sweden to see the countryside and a town other than Stockholm with your manger who is now a close friend! Priceless! So much beauty in the world…so much to see. Glad and thankful for all that I have managed.

9. A trip to Goa!!! Finally!!! Only my second time and that too after over 10 years! Don;t know how it became that long….But well, the trip did make up in a lot of ways. Close friends, luxury hotels, seeing Kabir run into the ocean fearlessly, no agendas…

10. Setting up the house. Opening one box at a time. Things slowly falling in place. Our first home together. I think the over pending house warming will finally culminate on Kabir’s 3rd birthday!!! 😛

11. Having both our parents come and visit, (Not together!! :P) the new home for the first time. Kabir getting pampered with love, attention and gifts. And totally loving it!

12. Paris together with Kunal. A place is wonderful on its on, enjoyed in solitude. But with a friend, it becomes magical! Had the most amazing time exploring Paris all over again with him. Added bonus being able to see my sister! The joy of “perfect timing” with a bit of divine intervention.

So as a year end memoir I ordered my first book on Printstagram! A photobook of my favorite pictures from the year that went by. I need to do this more. Its great to have online access to my pix. Saved on the www. somewhere, or my hardisk tucked away in a drawer someplace. But the magic of browsing through a hardbound printed book with friends and family, reliving those memories…nothing can replace that!

To end( and start) the year…here is the customary family selfie. 1st January 2015. In the park, doing what we do, running and chasing after Kabir…And then after a bit, him chasing after us…screaming “huuugggiiieeeee” “Mamma…huuuugggiieiee”! No response..turn to daddy, He always listens!!!:)))

NY Selfie

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