he said. Mamma..you are beautiful.

So I was getting ready for work as usual. Kabir running around all over the house doing his thing. Occasionally coming and banging at the bathroom door..”Mamma..!!!..””Mammmaa!!!” Just making sure I was still there. He has a habit of taking an attendance check on everyone, every once in a while.

And then he comes knocking once more only to find the door’s now open!

So I decided to wear red today. Red Zara dress I bought last year for my birthday. Something about celebrations and special days, always makes me think of red. And well, today was the first day of work in the new year. And it was a Friday!!!

He looks up at me..quiet and then smiles shy and sheepish..

“Mamma…you are beautiful!!!”

My heart just melted and then some more! What can I say…the boys got taste and a great sense of fashion and colour! 🙂

❤ ❤ ❤

No pictures from today. This is the pic I took of the dress in my hotel room in Stockholm more than a year back when I first wore it. Going to treasure it much longer with this special memory now.


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