in pictures. playing with shadows.

So Kabir can never get enough of “I want to go outside!” …From playing peek a boo sitting on the bed, now he wants to play hide and seek in the basement. “Let’s go Mamma…let’s go to the basement!”. Hiding behind the same pillar everyday and waiting for me to come get him. Both of us chasing after each other, around it. And he giggling and screaming away in delight. It never gets boring!

And then there is his “mountain”!!! So the back gate of the apartment complex is permanently closed. Leaving the inclined exit from the basement leading to it free and safe for play. That is Kabir’s very own “mountain”! It’s where he races his monster truck and digger! Rolls the security guards stick on, watching it roll down…again and again. And lies on his back with his Mamma staring at the moon and stars. It’s our private little haven.

It’s become a ritual now, after I get back from work. Before or after his dinner, we head out for our walk around the complex. He promptly puts his crocs on, and then starts tugging away at my home slippers to hurry up! Playing hide n seek, running up and down the mountain. And playing with shadows making dinosaurs roar and birds fly!

Can’t thank you enough #mysweetboy for showing me time and again the little joys of life. I love you. ❤

IMG_5065IMG_5066 IMG_5067 IMG_5068 IMG_5069

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