in pictures. first time at the dentist.

So Kabir, being a chocolate lover that he is, (something he takes on from me) already had a little cavity which needed attention. Each time in while in Bangalore that we thought of taking him, the fact that he would hate it and the whole day would get ruined(mostly weekends), we kept postponing it.

This time while I was in Delhi, I had made up my mind that I’ll make sure I take him. Overlooking bad mood, bad timing…it just had to be done. So finally Saturday morning after his breakfast, I took him a couple of houses away from home to the dentist.

And was I surprised! Kabir was a total rockstar, so much so that the dentist himself was a little shocked at having a barely 3 old not crying while sitting on that dreaded chair!!!

I think his current love of playing “doctor-doctor”, played a part I think. He was super curious with everything around. The instruments, the bright light shining over his head, the big fancy chair and the doctor in his white coat. Patiently and obediently saying “AAAAAAaaaaaahhhhh” and getting his teeth fiddled with. His precious stuffed “bow-bow” giving him the moral support he needed.

The only time he finally made a face was when the doc coated his teeth with foul smelling floride to prevent more cavities!


Ended the super successful session with high five, which the doc insisted he gets too! Thoroughly impressed with the lack of tantrum and shouts and shrieks. More than even I was 😛

Here’s hoping this doesn’t become a regular feature..

..image image1 image2 image3

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