in pictures. the circus came to town…

And we made it happen. After a night at the hospital and Kabir with two teeth less(but spirit in tact!), we got back home and got started on the party planning.

And such a fun party it was…with Kabir the cutest ring master ever and everyone in a medley of stripes and polkas. Thank you everyone for being such sports! It was a fun day at Spectra Raintree…With clown noses and polka balloons. A tent with adorable circus animals for a cake, which tasted as good as it looked! Popcorn and fries and chocolate lolipops…star shaped cookies and chocolate cupcakes…It was a good way to remember Kabir turning three! ❤ ❤ ❤

Everyone says it and I’m no different…Time goes by so fast!!!

Kabir is three already and I don’t know where the last three years have gone…I remember the first day he came home with us, a fragile tiny lil thing. So so precious that he brought tears to our eyes every time we would see him, everytime he would smile in his sleep, every time he would grab our finger tightly in his tiny lil fist. So much has happened since and I wish I could remember every tiny detail, every milestone, every time he said and did anything for the first time…but the reality is that I can’t. God knows I try, with the crazy amount of pictures I take, of him and of us together(a lot of you would think I am obsessive), writing blogs posts and posting pix of Facebook.

Maybe I am doing this cos I know that time is really going fast…It isn’t just a cliche when people say he’s growing up so fast!!! Or even the annoying remark from old aunties…”kitna bad ho gaya hai…chotta sa tha jab tujhe dekha tha!!!“( How much you have grown…you were just a small baby when I last saw you!!!:D) The day isn’t far when Kabir will finish school and will be deciding on his options for college. It seems so far away yet I know that when the day does come, I will be looking back and wondering where did the time go? And seeing him go away far somewhere to pursue his dream, a piece of me will go with him. I know I am being a little melodramatic but yet…its heartbreaking to think of it. For now, I’ll just kiss him a lot, hug him tight, tell him I love him often and loud. Read him stories, kiss his bruises away, teach him, scold him and love him with all my heart. So that when the day comes for him to move away he’ll know how much I love him no matter how far apart we may be….

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On Kabir:

shirt with bow tie– H&M

denim shorts– H&M

suspenders- H&M


a lil note. travel, broken teeth and turning three…

And again its been a while…I just cant seem to keep up my resolve of being more consistent and frequent with my posts…

Well, to my defense, a lots been going on. Back to back travel to Shanghai and then to cold cold Stockholm. Getting back home from Shanghai for a day and half before I left again and trying to fit in baking a cake, going out shopping for party favors, repacking my suitcase, and just spending as much time as I could with my lil monkey! The cake got baked, ready for Kabir to take to school on his birthday. Party favors were bought and my suitcase was repacked to head out again. Who would have thought being born in the month of September and March would mean missing birthdays together!!! That both me and Kabir’s birthday months would coincide with season starts every year…basically ensuring I will be missing both my own and Kabir’s birthday every year at home!! Not nice. Birthdays are  meant to be spent together with family…at home…:(

Thank God for technology…Facetime and Skype. At least I managed to be a part of Kabir’s cake cutting, together with daddy! Watch him light up at the sight of the cake, take great joy in blowing out the candles and sing along Happy Birthday to Kabu!!! And then getting all teary eyed by the end of it. Wanted so much to just get out and give my lil monkey a big hug and smother him with kisses.

By the end of the week, I was just counting days till I’d be back home. But finally my homecoming wasn’t quite what I had expected it to be. In transit trying to facetime home from Doha, with nobody answering my calls. My panic button already turned on …and then the news..Kabir has fallen on the table at home and is bleeding profusely and is being taken to the hospital. It’s the worst feeling ever…the final few hours till you get back home and then to hear this while you are still miles away. Can’t do anything to help….you just pray its not as bad your imagination is making it to be.

Finally I get back home after a few hours and find my baby sleeping peacefully with his lip still all bloody. Only an hour after I get back, we have to wake him to take him to the hospital once again to get stitches. He was so brave, it made me cry! He was obviously thrilled to see me after so long and the few gifts that I took with me to the hospital made him so happy!!

At a point when I was getting all emotional and sad on him losing his front two teeth…He pats me on my shoulder…and says..”Mamma…look at me!!’s ok…don’t be sad..” I wanted to cry!!

He was and is far more braver than I am …already. Poor baby came out all groggy after the surgery, still under effects of the anesthesia. I was just thanking God to at least have made sure I reached back in time to be there for him when he had the surgery and needed me most…

In a few hours though he was again up and about. Smashing around with Hulk and making a mess of the hospital sheets with play doh! ❤ After that he kept announcing its time to go home! “I want to go to the sand-pit…lets go…” Was a task convincing him to stay only a few more hours. Kept running out for a walk and even got me to play a lil hide n seek in the corridors of the ward!!

A restless night not getting much rest in the hospital, finally was time to go home around noon the next day. Back just in time to prepare for his birthday party. The show after all must go on….specially a three year old’s birthday party!