a lil note. sleep…

From as far back as I can remember, Kabir has hated to sleep…at night! Even when he was just a few days old…he would be up till the wee hours of the morning, not crying but just wanting to play. While I just wanted to close my eyes and sleep!

When he became a few months older, making him sleep was a long drawn process of swaying him in our arms(me and Sapan would take turns!) and sing. Sometimes would take as long as an hour to finally make him sleep. When he turned a little older, he would demand the singing and patting..”Mamma…sing!” I had started to hate the rhyme “Old mac Donald” But he never tired!

After a while I was just tired of the singing and patting and more singing and patting…he thoroughly enjoying it…But Mamma was tired! Then I restored to just letting him be..”Mamma is sleeping!”….turn the light off and hope he will fall asleep soon too!

He would toss and turn..fall off the bed…climb on my face..pat me..try to wake me up..kiss me…sing a bit,…toss and turn some more…And then hallelujah…Finally sleep!!!

Now, he’s more than 3 years old, things haven’t changed all that much…he still hates going to sleep and does everything possible to delay bedtime.

Its mostly Mamma he wants to do ninni with…but then there are days …”Mamma…send daddy…you go to your room..” “I want to sleep with daddy!” A few minutes pass and then Mamma is summoned again. Then there are other days when daddy falls asleep in his room, trying to make our lil night owl sleep! He will then get up and come to my room…”Mamma …come..daddy is sleeping..I want to sleep with you!” It’s as frustrating as it is funny!!!

Maybe it’s our fault…we didn’t sleep train him well enough or maybe its genes..when did Mommy ever like sleeping early at night! But its a struggle nonetheless…

IMG_6077 IMG_6078 IMG_6079 IMG_6080 IMG_6081 IMG_6082 IMG_6083 IMG_6084 IMG_6085 IMG_6086

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