in pictures. playtime with tiny Hulk.

Kabir is in love with Hulk. Not quite sure what triggered this love, but he’s pretty obsessed. All the other Avengers can come and go…Captain America, Iron Man, Thor…but Hulk is here to stay. So much so now every night, me and Sapan have to tell him Hulk stories before he falls asleep. The promise of a Hulk story is incentive enough for him to go turn of the light himself and get into bed! “Tell me Hulk story Mamma…”  And there I am trying to make Hulk not so violent in the stories, and somehow  teach Kabir to be a “good boy”.

For a  brief period we were the victims of “Hulk angry..Hulk smash!!!” Getting blow after blow with his tiny hands. Till we finally made him agree that it was ok to only smash the pillows, cushions and the bed! And then basically we figured how to use the obsession to our advantage. Problem: Kabir hates putting cream on his face. Solution: Find a brand which comes in a green colour tube and then present to him as Hulk cream. Problem: Kabir(usually non fussy about food) is not eating his greens. Solution: Hulk is big and strong cos he eats a lot of greens!

From bedtime to playtime, Hulk is always a part of his day, somehow. Sandpit time in the evening with the other kids, means getting wearing his Hulk mask and scaring the girls with his growls! And they are more than happy to be scared and run around screaming…making the tiny Hulk feel very powerful and happy!

IMG_7241 IMG_7247 IMG_7249

On Kabir:

Tee- Hulk tee from Disney

Shorts- H&M kids

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