in pictures. first time at the movies.

So we avoided taking Kabir to the movies for all of his 3 years. Something about his super restless nature, which keeps him from sitting still even for 5 minutes had a lot to do with it! All the times Sapan and me were at the movies( before Kabir!) , we cursed the parents who brought their tiny-tots along. “How can they torture their kids like this…just because they can’t do without watching a movie!” ” I mean are kids even allowed in here for this rating!” And so on…So well,we kind of gave up on movies in the theater. Something we loved doing before. And it was alright really…we saw them still, but a tad bit late and from the comfort of our home when our lil man finally did decided to call it a night and mummy and daddy still had enough energy left after the day!

A couple of times before we thought of taking him for a “kids” animation movie. “You think he’ll sit still long enough now?” ” Will this movie engage him enough?!” So finally the week before last, (I know..I am super lazy with my blog posts!) when Sapan was traveling to Delhi and I had a few night outs partying by myself, with Kabir at home with the nanny. I decided to be brave and take him for his first movie experience in a theater. The movie of choice..Inside Out! The guilt of having left him alone pushed me to it too…

And I am glad I did! Having a movie hall right beside my place of work, makes the logistics a teeny bit easier. Having arranged a cab for the nanny to bring him over to Mamma’s office and pre-bought tickets in my lunch break. We were all set! The excitement on his face when he got off the cab and realized I am there waiting was priceless!

Reached just in time with a huge tub of pop-corn for him and spicy nachos for me. The fact that it was a 3D movie, made things a lil difficult, considering how Kabir hates any sort of accessory on himself. No hat, cap..glasses…much to my dismay! I buy and buy and he just puts them aside, other than few fleeting moments at times when the hat stays on his head just long enough for me to take a picture!

So well, first the glasses came off. Thankfully the movie still made sense without! And then he wanted to run down from the aisle in the dark just to explore around, when Riley and her emotions couldn’t hold his attention!

But then moments like when a tiny animated dinosaur came up on the screen and my lil monkey made a “Raaaaarrrrrr” sound loud enough for the entire hall to hear :P,  when he complained to me in a rather loud voice…”Mamma, didi is taking all of the pop-corns, tell her to take only one!” more than made up for it all! Oh and he totally take on after his daddy in the pop-corn department!!! He ate and ate and then was too full for dinner…it’s like deja vu all over! 😛

Was hilarious when the scene where the lil imaginary elephant is trying to help “Joy” out so she can go save Riley came on. Kabir wasn’t very impressed with the fact that he broke the scooter…”Mamma, see he broke his scooter!” :* Not caring if it was an announcement he was making to everyone in the hall!

The movie I loved, maybe a tad bit grown up in its concept for my three year old, but he still enjoyed it. The movie beautifully just puts forth the fact that its ok to be sad…For those who haven’t seen it or read much about it, here’s a synopsis: A little girl named Riley moves from Minnesota to San Francisco with her parents and has a hard time adjusting to this big change. And also figure how she’s supposed to feel about it. But the movie isn’t about this move, or even about Riley herself. It’s about her feelings- each of them assigned a unique character. A chirpy lil girl in lemon yellow is joy, a sad faced short blue one is sadness, purple scrawly one is fear, a green diva is disgust and a stout guy looking like he’s dressed for work in red, is of course anger!

It’s been a while and I don;t even know if its playing anymore…but go see it if it is. Or rent the movie…specially if you have a 10-11 year old wondering how to cope with change!

So till the next one…with daddy this time! Enjoy the movies!!! 🙂

P.S. I even managed to take Kabir grocery shopping after! Pat on my back!😄

On Kabir

Shirt-H&M kids

Jeans & shoes-Zara kids

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