a lil note. hello 2016…

A new year. Already? I know its become a bit of a cliche but seriously, where did the year go. Time is passing by too fast. I can’t believe Kabir is going to turn 4 in another 3 months! In fact a month on the “new year” too is almost over! 🙈 The other day was discussing with a few friends of the love I get showered with from Kabir and the unadulterated PDA! I am clearly the favored one between his daddy and mamma. While on those rare few occasions, when I try and coax him …”You want to sleep with daddy today right…he’ll tell you 10 stories!” But he’s not convinced…”No!!! Mamma!” The attachment makes me feel the most loved and needed I have ever felt my entire life! The impromptu kisses followed by “I love you Mamma!” are the most heartwarming things ever. He’s so observant of things I wear, how I do my hair, what is my night dress and what is something I wear to work…that it boggles my mind sometimes! With all the other things occupying me and my Sapan’s mind, we often miss the small stuff…but not Kabir. He has an eye for everything and its amazing. He is my numero uno fan.

In a few more years I guess things will change…he’s not going to come kiss and hug me as much. And will probably shy away when I do, in front of his friends. Makes me sad just thinking about it. As years pass he’s going to need me less and less. While I am pushing for him to be independent in things he does now. “Mamma…pee pee!” “Kabir you can go yourself …and he does..tip-toeing and turning the light on in the bathroom, placing the stool below the pot, flushing and pulling his pants up. “Mamma, I did it.” While it makes me super proud now, its also a reminder, soon he’s not going to need me for the little things he screams out my name for. Someday he’s going to need space from  me. As the years pass by so quickly, that day isn’t far when he packs his bags for college or (shudder) introduces me to his girlfriend! 🙈😄 As life slowly heads towards a full circle.

Well…till the time comes.. I’ll just bathe in the glory of being in his constant spotlight!


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