in pictures. monochrome with a terracotta accent. 

The highlight of the weekend, a day spent at the new mall in town- VR Bengaluru in Whitefield.

Being a kid again with Kabir, accompanying him on swings where he was not tall enough yet to go alone. Having a nice family lunch and then shopping at H&M. Finally!! To be able to shop at the store right here in our very own Bangalore! ☺️

Followed by browsing through the stalls at the Farmer’s market, picking up some amazing locally grown and packaged goodies. Cheese, pickled tomatoes, honey and more.

Finally ending the day with a lovely evening at a friends place (right here in our very own Raintree 😄🤘🏻)celebrating our tiny but vivacious Emma’s second birthday!


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On Kabir-

T-shirt- H&M

Shorts- Next UK

Shoes & belt- Zara kids

On me-

Top- American Eagle Outfitters

Pants, sandals & bag- Zara

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