a little note. prepping the nursery.

The crib is set up once again. Kabir’s old crib and current bed will now be little baby boo2’s! Life’s little circles? 🙂 Set it next to our bed, just like Kabir’s was before. 

Another few days and it’ll have a tiny little thing lying in it next to me…and we can’t wait. ❤️ 

Kabir for one has been praying every night to God to send his baby sister soon now. I mean it is already December!!!😄 The first thing he had to say the morning of first December was…”Mamma!!! It’s December…has the baby come out?!” 😄😍😍🎄 This little one isn’t really in a hurry to face the world outside though! Unlike Kabir who was out the minute I turned full-term, this one is still laying low at end of week 38 now…😊


in pictures. weekend red.

A dip in the pool with the whole family, followed by a jug full of Bloody Mary, good company, an exotic flower adding to the decor, ordered in chinese, late afternoon siesta….conversations flowing. A Sunday well spent. For the toddlers and adults alike 🙂IMG_4948 IMG_4949 IMG_4950 IMG_4952