in pictures. dinnertime.

The lil boy is growing up in more ways than one…insisting on eating his meals by himself. Making a mess and loving it.

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in pictures. nemo and nap.

Till only sometime back, Kabir had no patience for movies. Was way too restless and preferred his I-pad over sitting in front of the TV, where he was much more in control. Swiping away to new videos every other minute.  But now he’s all grown up (way too fast really!!!). Made him, watch “Finding Nemo” recently and he loves it…and how!!! He wants to see “Dory” all the time. She being his favorite…taking precedence over lil Nemo. The first thing after he wakes up and the last thing before he sleeps. He simply adores her. “Daaaddyyy…thodha sa Dory dekhna hai!!!!“.

Makes me smile for more reason than one. Not too long back when Sapan and I had begun our conversations over facebook and skype and gtalk. (seems like years now though!!!) He in Bangalore and me in Milan. He had started calling me “Dory” …cos I just didn’t remember. Well I don’t…remember names of songs in particular or movies or actors or even names of people. He did and does. I remember other things more vividly…moments, memories…what someone said and when….

So Kabir does have his own Dory right at home 😉


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Finding Dory ❤


in pictures. blowing bubbles

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The joys of childhood and it’s simple pleasures. Chasing after bubbles and giggling with delight every time it bursts. Running after daddy and begging him to make some more bubbles. “More bubbles daddy…more”…Helping us re-live those precious memories each time too. Thank you our dearest Kabir. Life without you would be so dull and without joy. Love you.

in pictures. in the park.

Precious moments spent with Kabir and Kalyani at the park. Fighting over a ball. Getting jealous if one gets more of my attention than the other. If Kabir comes sits on my lap, Kalyani has to as well! 🙂 Giggling away on the old and rusty merry-go-round, which made a funny noise every time it bumped over a rock. Having ice-cream and loving it. Kabir calling the tall trees “Rocket…’s going….to outerspace! ❤ Monkeying around and just so happy to have me around.

One of the best moments of the evening was when Kalyani came running back to Kabir from the other end of the park, when she saw another girl coming up to talk to him. “Kaaaaaaabir….Kaaaabbbirr…..”…”My best friend….he’s my friend”. Clearly trying to shoo away the new girl in Kabir’s life!!!:D

Absolutely adorable. ❤

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On Kabir

shirt: H&M

shorts: UCB

sandals: Zara Home

in pictures. the kiss.

Kabir and Kalyani. The playmates in Raintree. Even though Kalyani is almost a year older than Kabir, he is the bully among the two. Being the toddlers they are, they keep having their arguments over “it’s mine…it’s mine” …Always ofcourse wanting the same thing exactly at the same time as the other.

I usually miss out on their play session together, since they meet up in the afternoons when I’m at work. But I hear all about them from the nanny with new updates everyday.

On a rare weekday when I was home, it was good to see the two together. Kalyani all ecstatic coming in to the house..”Kabir…Kabir”. And Kabir equally happy to see her. But then getting all bossy and territorial! This is what followed when I told Kabir to be nice to Kalyani and giver her a kiss.

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