a lil note. my lil rockstar.

I love theme parties! And lately there seems to have been great ones I get invited to 🙂 This time round was a 3 year old rockstar’s party. All the guests were to come dressed as one too!

After mulling over how to dress Kabir, finally Adam Levine seemed like the ideal choice given that they share a birthday! 🙂 Two goodlooking pisceans! And then it was quite easy to find the right outfit from his wardrobe. Easy and laid back. A plain white tee, denim shirt thrown over and dark blue denims. And of course converse with wings added on for a lil extra effect! 🙂

And then the tattoos! Which I absolutely love and had a lot of fun drawing them on Kabir. Struggling a bit cos of course he refused to sit still! Th tiger did intrigue him briefly. Finally the effect was quite cool 🙂 I wonder how I will react the day Kabir is old enough and comes back home with a real one which I cant scrub off later with soap and water!

And so he became Adam for a few hours. I have no doubt my lil doppelganger will take on the goodlooks of the singer, song writer and musian!…I wonder if he’ll also take on the musical talents….:)

And me, Amy Winehouse. After getting him ready, as usual there wasn’t enough time for me, given that we were already running late. But Amy’s style being so unique and her. It wasn’t difficult. Side swept hair, a lil pouff, red lipstick and torn denims. I was set!

IMG_2030 IMG_2035 IMG_2021IMG_1980

IMG_2029IMG_1997 IMG_1998   IMG_2033


in pictures. my swedish summer.

My last two visits to Stockholm before had been in September 2013 and then again in March 2014. Cold and grey both the times. March specially being bitterly cold. After finishing work at around 6, there really isn’t much to do but head back to the hotel and stay warm in the bed! Cold, lonely and bored! So when a trip got planned in June this time, I was super excited! I was going to finally experience the Swedish summer! The Sweden I had seen in the youtube videos of the Swedish summer fest! Happy smiling faces, sun shining pretty much all day and night!!! 🙂 Great food, drinks and games! Specially because this time I was taking a few days off and seeing more of Sweden than the H&M head office and a few stores around 🙂

So you can imagine my disappointment when I reached a cold, grey and rainy Stockholm. Where was the Swedish summer I had been told so much about! Where was the sun?!!!And then to deal with my totally inappropriate wardrobe! I had packed for summer! Maxi dresses, crochet tops, sandals and a straw hat! Mercifully I had thrown in a pair of black denims, which pretty much became my lifeline through the stay!

Then came Wednesday, my last day in Sweden before I take the flight back to Bangalore. And the sun emerged from behind those grey rainy skies!!! And how 🙂 It was such a glorious day! Bright and sunny and deliciously warm! It was also the day I got to spend in the countryside amidst never ending green fields and bright blue sky! It was like being in a fairytale setting….picking wild flowers and berries from the forest, lying on the grass staring at the sky, soaking in the sun and relishing the perfect farm meal-salmon, veggies and rice. And I finally got a chance to use the summer wardrobe i had packed for the trip:) All in all the perfect last day I could have wished for.IMG_5424 IMG_5425 IMG_5433 IMG_5443 IMG_5471 IMG_5472 IMG_5490 IMG_5494 IMG_5502 IMG_5505 IMG_5507 IMG_5514 IMG_5527 IMG_5534 IMG_5536 IMG_5543 IMG_5544 IMG_5555 IMG_5556 IMG_5557 IMG_5560 IMG_5563 IMG_5567 IMG_5572 IMG_5583 IMG_5588

On me

top- zara

palazzo pants- zara

hat- h&m

flowers- from the wild

in pictures. being frida.

Defiantly beautiful, tenacious and veracious. A survivor. A fashion icon. A brave and powerful woman. Frida Kahlo. I love her. Always have, since I discovered her. And have always wanted to have a theme party to get chance to dress like her. And it happened. When I least expected it to. (Don’t most things?!) In Stockholm, staying the weekend over with a friends friend, now also my very good friend. The crazy and fun Bella. So she was invited to a friend’s 30th birthday party with a theme of Frida!!! And I was invited to come along and of course I had to dress the part! Initially a little bummed cos I would have wanted to plan better. Know before so I could carry the necessary tools(clothes/jewellery/ scarves etc etc) to do justice to Frida! But then…that’s her magic. You don’t need a lot. Some flowers, some bright colours and lots of right attitude is enough. It ended up being once of the most fun nights I have had in a long time. Getting together first with two other friends at Bella’s place, cooking, eating, drinking and helping each other become Frida!

I guess I am intrinsically a lil Frida, cos I had no trouble digging out things from my tiny assortment of clothes and accessories I was carrying to get “the look” in place. The flowers, which we had earlier in the day picked up, of course helped! What did do the trick finally was Bella’s dressing gown from Anokhi, which she had picked up on her trip to India in May earlier  this year!

And so we walked out of her apartment, four Frida’s, looking at feeling the part. Pretty, confident and ready for fun. Getting there and seeing the room full of Frida’s, a riot of color was absolutely amazing! The birthday girl, dressed beautifully in a white cast and a Mexican gilet was so lovely. Her Mexican roots making her the perfect Frida! Was so wonderful to see each one looking so different yet in our own way embodying Frida so beautifully. Each one paying respect to the amazing character that she was.

Needless to say it was a wonderful evening. Talking, drinking, chatting, discovering, discussing, laughing…and being Frida!

IMG_1336 IMG_1337 IMG_1356 IMG_1358 IMG_1359 IMG_1360   IMG_1365 IMG_1367 IMG_1377 IMG_1396 IMG_1397 IMG_1402 IMG_1404 IMG_1405 IMG_1410    IMG_1439  IMG_1441IMG_1444 IMG_1423

“Feet, what do I need them for, if I have wings to fly?”- Frida Kahlo


a lil note. travel- Sweden.

Home sweet home. Nothing feels as good as being home with my boys. After 2 long weeks away, one working and another holidaying, felt so good to be back. But then the wonderful time I had in the last 5 days, more than made up for being away from them 🙂

I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to see parts of Sweden I would otherwise never have, had my manager also not been my very good friend! And had she not introduced me to some of her friends, who are now also mine :)))There’s nothing like seeing a city from the eyes of one living there. It’s never as much fun just being a tourist. It’s totally another experience, spending a day as a regular Swede in Stockholm would. Partying Friday night in the most amazing party in the forest, making new friends, learning what “Grog” is 😛 Talking to some random people and then realizing that you have common friends!!! Having an adventure getting back home trying to figure the local transport!Buying groceries at the local super market and making lunch. Getting dressed as Frida for a friend’s friend 30th birthday party!!! Walking in the rain, freezing but not forgetting to click selfies!!!

And then in part deux, seeing some beautiful parts of Sweden, beyond Stockholm. Strängnäs, Uppsala and then the country side. All the places unique in their own way and beautiful. Strängnäs, small quaint town by the lake side. Uppsala, a town which is home to the Uppsala University , founded in 1477, it is the oldest center of higher education in Scandinavia. And because of it, the one that felt the most cosmopolitan to me. And then the gorgeous country side around Almunge, with clear blue skies and a calm serenity. Also, the perfect day for me! My last day in Sweden where I experienced the swedish summer in the true sense for the first time! So beautiful were the surroundings that when I sent pictures to a friend from there, he replied with a …”Where are you?! Heaven!!!” 🙂

Well, almost. For those of you who have been following me on instagram, you would have seen some of the glimpses of the past few days already. For others will post more pictures of my wonderful adventure lugging suitcases around the beautiful towns of Sweden and loving every minute! Sun or not 😉



a lil note. monday blues.

"I really need a day between Saturday and Sunday." I mean REALLY though. #quote

via Pinterest

Today feels like this. Wouldn’t it be perfect if we could add that extra day in the middle. Or maybe not. It’s never enough is it. Monday’s will still feel like Mondays no matter what. Even though Kabir hasn’t started on a daily routine of work or even school. He hates Monday mornings as much. After having us to himself all day 24×7 over the weekend, he detests saying his goodbyes on Monday mornings. He tries his hardest to not let me get ready. From pleading, getting angry at me for mentioning the dreaded word “office” to getting plain sad…”no…no office…” …”Hugggieee”…”I want hugggiiieee…”

Finally, the I-pad or “Dory” comes to the rescue, keeping him busy long enough to forget and me to sneak out after a hurried kiss goodbye.


One of his old pix, pretty much sums up the Monday morning mood perfectly.